During this long winter, I decided to grow microgreens. These tender green seedlings are about 2-3" in height and are a real powerhouse of concentrated nutrients. Microgreens have a higher concentration of nutrients, plant compounds, and minerals than if they were allowed to grow to maturity. We love seed mixtures that include arugula, radish, kale, and broccoli to name just a few. We prefer seed blends that contain a number of different plants.

We ordered a Microgreens Growing Kit by Microgreen Pros. The kit comes with a growing tray and rack, seeds, and a couple of hemp mats. It uses mats that are compostable, I ordered extra mats as well. I plan to use the mats to by shredding them and combining them with our clay soil to improve it. You can use actual seeds to grow your microgreens, some folks use mats with the seeds imbedded but I like the flexibility of using my own seed compositions. We use a small grow light and have two kits to have the microgreens growing all the time in different stages. It is a win-win plus we have much more nutrious meals that look so professional. I love to cook and always dreamed about owning a restaurant. So every meal I make, I am always looking for ways to make it as good as what I can get if I ate out with healthier ingredients. In future posts you will learn more about healthy eating and the food choices we are making to improve our health since January, 2021. Microgreens kits is sold at www.microgreenpros.com.

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