"Pausing" During the Covid-19 Pandemic

This New York “Pause” has given us all a different perspective on the way we live. As an artisan, the “stay at home” directive has caused me to do a lot of reflective thinking. I am thankful that I was inspired to make natural soap and skin care products. My decision to make handcrafted soap developed as a direct of trying to eat less processed food and less food additives. When I learned that our skin absorbs 60% of what we use on it, I began to think the same way about skin care products as I did about healthy eating. For our products, we use only high quality, less processed ingredients, and pure essential oils. We take advantage of the many medicinal herbs that grow around us to create products that are even more healing, anti-inflammatory, and nourishing to our skin and hence to our whole body.

With the spread of Covid-19, everyone began to think more about health and what we can do to strengthen our immune system. Fresh foods that most closely resemble how they grow in nature are the foods that should be the bulk of our diets. The same goes for skin care products. Another way to make sure that you limit the spread of this virus, it to wash your hands correctly and often. Soap, bar or liquid, and running water is more effective in removing dirt, grease, viruses, and bacteria. Hand sanitizers are good in a pinch, but they do not clean as well as soap and there is evidence that some germs are resistant to the sanitizers. Sanitizer should not be a replacement for washing your hands. Lots of handwashing, especially with commercial soap, can dry out your hands. We make moisturizing skin balm and infused organic jojoba oil that can help reduce away the dryness. I am pleased to offer products that customers really need during this unprecedented time.

With all the extra time that I have had during the last few months, I have been able to plan more thoughtfully. This was an opportunity to do more research and order organic seeds. I was able to start them inside and I will have a lot more herbs to use in my products! Calendula, chamomile, lavender, and St. John’s wort are just a few. They provide healing and soothing characteristics. I also use herbs to color my handcrafted soap bars. The flowers, leaves, and roots produce lovely muted shades of purple, red, gold, and green. There has been more time for frequent Facebook, Zoom, and phone discussions with friends and customers I cannot see in person. I now have several new ideas that I am beginning to research to develop new formulas. I look forward to trying them out!

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