Why Quality Matters

Natural soap is so good for your skin! Natural soap contains natural glycerin that is the best beauty treatment. Commercial soap products start out containing natural glycerin after it is made however, the natural glycerin is extracted and used to make expensive cosmetics. Lab created chemicals are used to replace it, those are the long, complicated ingredient names that you cannot pronounce on the label. If you use natural soap you do not need to use all of those expensive cosmetic products because your skin is healthier and not stripped of its natural oils

Our company, Balsam Rose Soap Company, makes high quality products that uses the power of plants to nourish your skin every day. We color and scent our soap with only plants and natural clays. We use the hot process method of soapmaking. This means that the batch of soap is cooked until the soap is completely finished undergoing the saponification process. We like to use the hot process of making soap because we can make sure that all the oils and lye in the formula have been changed into soap. After the soap has cooled, we can also add the more delicate natural plant ingredients, such as essential oils and herbs, and they will not be denatured or burned in the process.

We use a crockpot to gently heat and melt quality oils and butters. We choose organic and unrefined oils and butters that are good for your skin. We use unrefined ingredients because we believe that any type of processing makes ingredients less natural as they occur in nature. We make our lye solution with goat’s milk, water, tea, beer, or other liquid ingredients. The soap batch is transferred to a six-pound wooden mold for the final cooling period. The next day the soap is cut into bars. We create individual labels for every single batch, our labels are always very accurate and include every ingredient we use.

We use many herbs for their nourishing medicinal qualities for your skin. Here in Central New York there are many healing herbs, many of them grow right in your own backyard. Healing herbs, such as chamomile, calendula, hops, plantain, self-heal, St. John’s Wort, and dandelion, are soothing and anti-inflammatory. The healing properties of the herbs are released into oils when they are gently heated and steeped for days.

We gather local and organic herbs, carefully dry them, and infuse them in extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil. After straining, we use the oils to make our natural skin balm, soap, and repellent. We also use herbs for color, exfoliation, and appearance. We only use aromatherapy essential oils in our products. We are concerned about the health of our planet and only use ingredients that are sustainably harvested. We research every ingredient we use, and we are always learning new information and thinking about what natural skin product we can create next.

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