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Why use natural skin care products?

Here at Balsam Rose Soap Co. we came to believe in the use of natural skin care products as a result of researching food additives. When you read food labels, do you wonder why certain ingredients are included in the food product? Additives are included in different products for a variety of different reasons, all with one purpose in mind, to improve its marketability. Additives can be added as a preservative, to change the color, to keep the ingredients emulsified, to chance the texture, and to affect the flavor. What we have learned over the years is that food additives can cause negative reactions for people who consumer them. This includes digestive, nervous, respiratory, and allergic systemic and skin reactions. The names of additives include nitrates, benzoates, sulfites, and formaldehyde to name just a few.

We made a commitment to reduce and eventually eliminate food additives and base our diet on fresh unprocessed food. Choosing only food ingredients that are closest to how they grow in nature is quite a daunting task. We learned that these rich whole foods can reduce inflammation and the amount of chemical in our bodies. Then we came across the fact that 60% of the ingredients that you put on our skin is eventually absorbed into our bloodstream. Another whole category of products that we began to pay attention to. When you read the labels of skin care products, it is hard to even pronounce the names of the ingredients and there are typically quite a few of them in any product.

When we choose to use natural ingredients that are created in nature and not in a lab, we are choosing ingredients that are full of beneficial nutrients. We are now aware that there are quite a few ingredients in skin care products that have been found to be allergens and can cause negative effects to our bodies, the same as food additives. Examples of a few of the concerning added ingredients in commercial skin care products include, sulfates, chemicals derived from petroleum, parabens, synthetic dyes, triclosan, and propylene glycol. Natural ingredients such as organic extra virgin olive oils and organic unrefined cocoa butter naturally contain vitamins and antioxidants that are so beneficial to your skin’s health. Remember that our skin is our body’s largest organ! We pay careful attention to how we handle the ingredients as we use them in our formulations, such as watching out for high cooking temperatures that can denature and destroy the natural healing constituents of the plants.

Read the labels! It is important to become familiar to the ingredients that you regularly use on your skin every day. We are committed to include every single ingredient in our products as accurately and clearly as possible on our labels. We are truthful in our advertising and will always take that extra step to answer questions and do the research for you. If you are interested in learning more about the products that you use and the ingredients they contain, you can visit the Consumer Product Information Database ( ) and search for any products and see if it contains additives that you should be concerned about.

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