Quality Matters For Your Every Day Soap!

Balsam Rose Soap is a high quality soap. Use our soap every day

to see how beneficial and nourishing natural soap can be to your skin. We offer three lines of handcrafted soap. Our original bar soap recipe includes a variety of quality oils and unrefined butters especially chosen to maximize the benefit to your skin. We make a natural liquid soap enriched with avocado oil as well. 


We also offer liquid soap in a recyclable plastic foamer pump. Our Whipped Cocoa Butter Body Butter, which is available in the fall and winter, (Coco-Orange and Co-co Lavender) and  Organic Jojoba Oil  (Lavender, Lemongrass, & Pure) for continued nourishment of your skin. Our soap and moisturizers are made in small batches to enable us to inspect and assure quality.  Due to the absorbency of the skin, we are very careful about our choice of ingredients that we use in our personal care products. Click here to learn more about the ingredients and additives that are found in commercial personal and beauty products.


We use only superior vegetable oils and unrefined butters along with natural colorants and exfoliants from plants and herbs, along with 100% natural aromatherapy grade essential oils. We always look to purchase NY state local, organic, and fairly traded botanicals, and other natural ingredients. We enjoy learning about and sharing resources with businesses, farms, and organizations that are also concerned about our environment and building local economies.


Because The Earth does Matter


We believe it is important to reduce our carbon footprint and to provide all natural body care products. Our labels are printed on tree-free paper and other packaging is made from recyclable or compostable materials.  The company that produces the paper we use donates a portion of proceeds to a orphanage in Costa Rica, this is important to us. We do not use certain oils such as palm or sandalwood because we are not convinced their harvest  is sustainable. We do not use chemically manufactured additives such as artificial colors, emulsifiers, detergents, fragrance oils, preservatives, drying and hardening agents, and other   chemicals along with GMO ingredients.

Our Animal Friends Matter


Our products are NEVER tested on animals. We believe that the use of all

natural ingredients and ecological practices are as important

to our animal friends including livestock as it is to us.

Our Customers Matter

We listen and learn a lot from our customers. We want you to enjoy our products. We would like to hear from you. Please contact us with comments and questions at balsamrosesoap@gmail.com

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