Handy Scrub

Handy Scrub

SKU: 8-10A

Hard working folks often face the daunting task of cleaning hands covered with dirt, oil, or grease. Natural white pumice, bentonite clay, raspberry seeds, and coffee grounds are included in this bar to help you clean those hands. This 100% natural soap is scented with refreshing orange and litsea essential oils. This bar is a must for anyone who tinkers with cars, motorcycles, or bicycles. Great for farmers, auto mechanics, and firefighters!

Quality Matters. 100% Natural.

Minimum weight 5 ounces.


  •  Saponified organic extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, , unrefined cocoa butter, unrefined shea butter, & avocado oil, bentonite clay, orange, lemongrass, & litsea essential oils, coffee grounds, ground appricot shells, pumice, raspberry seeds, rosemary oleoresin, organic sugar, & Seneca Lake salt       

  • One of the most important qualities of our soap, along with our aromatherapy essential oils, is the great amount of glycerin that is formed during the natural soapmaking process. Glycerin is very moisturizing and emollient, just wonderful for your skin. Glycerin is very attracted to water, hence its ability to keep our skin moist. Our natural soap also does not contain any chemical drying or hardening agents that are added to other products.

    To increase the life of your soap, keep it “high” and “dry”. Do not let your soap sit in a puddle of water or in the direct stream of the shower. Use our hand finished Red Cedar Soap Deck to allow your soap to dry between uses. Enjoy your natural soap, we know your skin will!